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National Beef Month - A Holiday for the Cattle Industry

May is National Beef Month - a month when we can celebrate ranchers, farmers, the meat industry, and of course, the cattle! For most American households, beef is the centerpiece of meals. Whether it be juicy ribeyes, chuck roasts, tender filets, or the versatile pound of ground beef, beef can provide quality protein with a great flavor. This month, here at Del Gould Meats we celebrate all of the hard-working ranchers and farmers of Nebraska who are able to provide us with the highest quality beef products.

National Beef Month has been celebrated for over 30 years and aims to show the versatility and amazing nutrition that beef can give us. The National Beef Month campaign serves as a way to spread awareness and show pride in the hard-working people in the cattle and meat industries.

This month is an especially great time to thank your local farmers, ranchers, and beef providers for everything that they do. So make sure to stock up on quality beef and share it with your friends and family around the grill, stove, flattop, and table. Feel free to stop by Del Gould Meats in North Lincoln for high-quality beef products, or give us a call with questions or orders.

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